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Windsor Windows & Doors

Every window and door from Windsor carries our commitment to quality design, timeless beauty and skilled craftsmanship. Windsor's products meet exact standards for energy efficiency and durability, as well as ease of installation, operation and maintenance. The products in our Pinnacle Clad/Wood, Legend Cellular PVC and Next Dimension Vinyl lines are all custom-built. Each product is designed to meet specific applications, depending on architectural style, regional preference and price point.


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Simpson Strong Tie

Focusing on quality, innovation and the best customer service, Simpson Strong-Tie has earned the reputation of being the world leader in structural solutions. Starting with a wide range of products such as shearwalls, fasteners and moment frames, it has since been expanded to commercial and industrial construction. This expansion gave way to more products such as mechanical adhesive, anchors and other structural innovation that provide the strength and stability builders look for in their connectors. This has made Simpson Strong-Tie the go-to brand of both homeowners and construction companies when it comes to tough and reliable connectors.


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Snavely Forest Products

Snavely Forest Products is recognized as one of the companies that manufacturers and dealers can turn to for their building needs. With its numerous distribution facilities across the U.S. and their superior import and export solutions, Snavely Forest Products is able to reach out and provide its customers with everything they need from doors to engineered wood and exterior cladding to boards and panels. With their commitment of building business for its partners, it’s no surprise that Snavely Forest Products has become the true partner of choice among manufacturers, home centers, independent dealers and DIY retailers.


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James Hardie

James Hardie has been known to deliver superior siding guaranteed to withstand all types of weather conditions and harsh elements. Whether its constant exposure to UV rays or strong snowstorms, James Hardie sidings will not crack or expand ensuring that they stay the same once they’ve been installed. It’s this type of quality in each product they produce that has made them a household name among builders and has allowed them to win numerous awards, particularly the Good Housekeeping Seal given out by Good Housekeeping Research Institute.


Du Pont Tyvek logo

Tyvek provides lightweight and durable industrial fabrics designed to protect your homes from weather conditions and all sorts of harsh elements. Constructed from spunbonded olefin sheet, these fabrics are more durable that paper making them a versatile and cost-effective solution in strengthening your home. Aside from providing protection to commercial and residential buildings, Tyvek’s lightweight fabric is designed for other applications such as protective apparel, building envelope and even medical packaging.


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LP Building Products

LP Building Products has always focused on meeting the demands of builders for cost-effective and durable products that reduce waste, promote better energy efficiency and provide a safer environment. It’s this single-minded focus that has enabled the company to develop a variety of building solutions that are stronger than traditional lumber. From engineered boards to wood panels, LP Building Products ensures that all its products are made from high-grade materials giving them the toughness to resist moisture and withstand exposure to extreme heat.


Norbord logo

Norbord is recognized as one of the top manufacturers of OSB materials. Focusing on quality and value, it has produced a wide selection of products including - roof panels, sub-flooring, MDF particle boards, wall sheathing and even furniture ” all of which has gained widespread use in the construction, manufacturing and DIY industries worldwide. Norbord makes this possible with its highly experienced group of engineers and scientists working in the company’s different production facilities worldwide.


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Huber Engineered Wood

Huber Engineered Wood knows what it takes to make good flooring so it doesn’t hold anything back with its line of Advantech sub floors. With its unique advanced resin technology, Huber ensures that each floor coming out of their facility has the toughness and durability required to resist harsh elements and moisture. They’re precisely milled and are equipped with superior holding power to make sure they stay stiff and quiet after installation. With this type of innovation found in their flooring, it’s no surprise that Huber Engineered Wood has become one of the brands that builders trust.


Weyerhauser logo

Weyerhauser has been providing builders, dealers and homeowners with quality building materials for the better part of the century. Specializing in energy efficiency and sustainable solutions, the company has developed a variety of products that not only delivers in terms of performance but also stays in line with today’s environmental standards. Weyerhauser’s renewable product line includes a collection of lumber products ” both milled and engineered - as well as OSB and panels. All these products are guaranteed to not only provide exceptional performance but also serve as viable renewable products that will also keep the environment clean and safe.


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Boise Cascade

Boise Cascade is one of the top building materials manufacturers and distributors in the country. The company produces top-of-the-line plywood, lumber, engineered wood, and particle boards ” each made from the finest materials to making them tough and highly resistant to all types of conditions. With 33 distribution locations spread out across the U.S., Boise Cascade’s nationwide delivery network ensures that its customers are able to get the right building products they need on schedule.